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The Thing Is... podcast


A single object can tell fascinating stories. The Thing Is...  is a series of events at Wellcome Collection in which specially selected speakers unveil ‘mystery objects’ in Wellcome Collection. Learn more about the history of health and medicine from the personal perspectives of patients, doctors, innovators and historians.

Morbid Anatomy

Joanna Ebenstein, the founder and creative director of the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York.


Human remains are reminders of our own mortality, as well as the physical remnants of family, friends, adversaries and strangers.

Mad Dogs Bite Englishmen

Was the fear of rabid dogs in early modern London well-founded? If not, why did it take such deep root, and who profited from it?

Roman Medicine

Exploring ancient Roman medicine, surgery and understanding of the body.


The lives of two Quaker scientists of the early 19th century who changed the way we view the natural world.


The recent history of the AIDS crisis - how governments, communities and society at large reacted and changed in the face of this challenge.

Brain Wars

Changing ideas about mental illness, the 'malfunctioning' of the brain, and 20th-century methods of intervention to cure or 'improve' it.

Healing Monarchs

For centuries, popular belief held that a skin condition known as 'the king's evil' could be cured by a touch from the monarch.

Magic Manuscripts

Magic was viewed as dangerous, irresponsible and heretical by people in the Late Middle Ages, yet some were compelled to experiment with it.

Caught in the Act

Looking at Victorian governmental attempts to protect servicemen from sexually transmitted diseases by controlling prostitution.

Lister's Legacy

The changes brought about by Joseph Lister and his battle against hospital-acquired infection.