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The filthy reality of everyday life


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Dirt is waste, excrement, rubbish - but what then is soil? Is cleanliness next to godliness - or sterility? And in a throwaway society, does the battle against dirt depend on an exploited and half-seen underclass of cleaners?

Published by Profile Books to coincide with Wellcome Collection's major exhibition 'Dirt', and lavishly illustrated with images from the Collection's archives, this provocative book features specially commissioned essays and a short graphic novel section on the significance and implications of dirt from the microbial level through to the environmental.

Praise for Dirt

Paul Levy, Wall Street Journal
“A thought-provoking read.”
Doug Johnstone, Big Issue
“This splendidly edited book activated both my inner child, fascinated with all that's revolting – and my social conscience.”
New Scientist
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